‘Content is King’ is the often celebrated theory of film industry and it’s yet again proved through the groovy success of ‘Jiivi’. The film featuring Vetri and Ashwini Chandrashekar in lead roles were released on June 28 and becoming the favourite of press-media and audiences. Scripted by Babu Tamizh, the film is directed by VJ Gopinath with Vellapandian producing the film for Vetrivel Saravana Cinemas. 

 The entire team was present in the city to express their thanks for making this film a success. Here are some of the highlighting speeches of this occasion. 

Actress Ashwini Chandrashekar said, “So far, I have been a part of Kannada and Telugu movies, but this is my debut one in Tamil. Kollywood has always been special when it comes to experimenting with newfangled ideas and proving success. Although, I had minimal dialogues, I had lots of scope for performance and when I come across the reviewers and critics appreciating my work, I feel more elated.” 

Script writer Babu Tamizh said, “I am so much happy to see the critics from press and media sending out positive reviews that has drawn more crowd into theatres. Jiivi was rejected by many actors even without them listening to the story. Patience and persistent persuasion alone will give success and this has proved of  it now.” 

Muthu said, “The producer was taking scrutinizing efforts in choosing a perfect script and had listened more than 50 scripts. His firm decision to produce only unique content happens to be the only reason behind ‘Jiivi’ getting materialized and scoring brownie points out here commercially. There were some hearsays that Vetri is no different from routine illustrations, where the producers’ sons vanish into thin air, but he disapproved their perceptions and has emerged as clear winner. He has proved the fact that being dedicated and honest to one’s work, success will come accordingly.” 

Sakthivelan of Sakthi Film Factory said, “I am extending an unconditional thanks to press and media for spreading positive message about the film. I happen to attend around 6-7 preview shows over a month. After watching every movie, I would have lots of assumptions, predictions and questions raising in my mind whether the particular film will have a reach across the audiences. Sometimes, it becomes successful with audiences and media. 8 Thottakkal is a wonderful film, but I had a disappointed feel that I couldn’t make it a commercial success. However, I am happy ‘Jiivi’ has taken a far-flung reach across all the centres and this has encouraged me to proceed taking up valuable content based films. I was happy to hear from producer on Day 2 that all theatre owners have mentioned that Tamil Nadu people have accepted the film. I was so much enthralled to hear one among the journalists say that if Vetri continues to strive with same hard work and dedication, he can definitely can deliver a power-packed magnum opus like Paruthiveeran. I am so confident that it will happen anytime sooner.”